Lera Masskva indecent stout

titleProducer Igor Markov, who heads the company MarkMusic, announced the termination of its contract with the singer Leroy Massquoi.The producer explains that he is no longer satisfied with the attitude of the former ward to work and dramatic changes in her appearance - the singer is very very stout.According to the agreement between Markov and Massquoi, their collaboration was to last until the end of 2010, but at the last meeting of Valeria and Igor producer announced its final verdict is to discontinue using the performer."It's true. But for us this is just a working point. Valerie doesn't want to provide any comments. If Harry feels the need to talk about it, let him. We do not want", - said in an interview the situation InterMedia PR Manager Tatiana Lera Gulina. Who will be engaged in producing the singer, her representatives have not yet spoken.Recall that the cooperation Lery Masskva with Igor Markov began 5 years ago with the song "On the seventh floor". Source: Lera Masskva indecent stout.

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