Vandals desecrated the grave of Oksana, placeway

titleUnknown set fire to the grave of the infamous model Oksana, placeway, who died under mysterious circumstances in Moscow. Vandals burned the monument of the deceased and all the wreaths on the grave, according to workers until the last moment did not even know about arson.- Charred grave found cousins, " shrugged one of the guards. - I don't know when it happened state of emergency?! I haven't heard and not seen. Maybe set fire to it at night... It is understandable, the cemetery also is not closed, here at any time can pass anyone.Meanwhile, relatives of Oksana urgently removed from her grave charred monument, ennobled it and set it on her 2.5-meter wooden cross."I was in shock when she learned about the vandalism," says the Director of the Northern cemetery Ufa Rafiq Shiraev. - Specially went and looked what happened there. This, of course, terrible, blasphemous. Apparently, the first monument of something doused and set on fire. Those bastards are hard to call people. They are not afraid of neither God nor devil. To them nothing is sacred. Who could dislike the tomb of the girl, I'll never know. Relatives already painted and trimmed grave. They say, and they too were threatened, but not sure true or not...Sister Oksana Olesya still can't recover from the shock and prefers to remain silent.- Now on the grave all right, " with a trembling voice she says. "It will be alright... Source: Vandals desecrated the grave of Oksana, placeway.

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