The Czech Prime Minister broke the paparazzi

titleThe Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Marek Topolanek showed unexpectedly rapid disposition. Your anger politician brought down the local photographer who tried to capture Topolanek during a walk with a young son.Unceremoniously the paparazzi looked into the carriage, which was peacefully sleeping one-year-old MT Jr. As reported by Vesti.", furious politician pushed the photographer from the stroller. However, not calculated their strength, because the photographer has hit his head on the wall.It is worth noting that in early 2007, the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic said in a written statement sent to editions of leading Czech media that he broke up with his wife and lives with the Resolution Telmanovo, Vice-speaker of the Czech Parliament.Earlier, the Czech Prime Minister had come under fire not only for violent temper and loving. By the way, the premiere has been accused of wasteful spending. So, the year before it, flying on government aircraft on official visit to Bulgaria, made a stop in Innsbruck, Austria for skiing.However, the Prime Minister then claimed that he had a meeting with the Czech Ambassador to Austria Jan Kucala. Kukal confirmed the words of his colleague and stated that they Topolanek discussed "important matters". However the press leaked the information that the Prime Minister actually flew to Austria for the weekend to go skiing at local resorts with a friend."Stop," Topolanek in Austria cost the Czech Treasury in more than 7,5 thousand dollars. But reports that were submitted to the Ministry of Finance, to stop a government plane in Austria, not a word was said. Source: Czech Prime Minister broke the paparazzi.

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