Leading TV bought the broadcast in support of gay marriage

titleLeading American talk show Californian Helen DeGeneres bought television airtime in the amount of 100 thousand dollars, in anticipation of the November presidential election to hold a rally in support of marriage between gays and lesbians.50-year-old media personality going to appeal to the people of California is a large state with a large electorate - with a call to vote for whoever became President would protect the rights of gays.Marital unions between gays were legalized in California in may of this year, however, under the eighth amendment to the U.S. Constitution officially marriages are still considered only unions between a man and a woman.Itself DeGeneres in August and got married with his partner, actress Portia de Rossi.True life on TVIn their television commercials Ellen DeGeneres intends to convince the audience that the opponents of gay marriage "distorts the truth of life," and ask the audience to vote for "compassion and justice".Recent public opinion polls showed that in California, a traditionally liberal state, opponents of same-sex marriages became more.They launched their own campaign on the television with a warning that soon the promotion of love of gays and lesbians will seep in elementary school.But supporters of gay called this argument is false and unfounded.Helen DeGeneres began her television career in 1997 and became the first leading American TV openly positioning herself as a lesbian. Source: the Leading TV bought the broadcast in support of gay marriage.

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