Guillermo Del Toro filmed `Pinocchio`

titleIrrepressible Guillermo Del Toro'll produce a feature-length adaptation of scary stories about Pinocchio. He told about it in interview to BloodyDisgusting."We are trying to run full-length version of "Pinocchio" Gris Grimly (Grimly - Illustrator, who wrote a grim variation on the classic story by Carlo Collodi). The idea suggested itself Gris, and everyone loves his book. His story, of course, much more perverted, scary and in some aspects of semi-necrophilia.... He wants to keep this gloom... the Movie will not be released in the near future. Even if we started right now, it would take about three years, but we are working to ensure that it happened. Create a full-scale puppet of the universe takes time," said the Director.In kremlevskoi version of "Pinocchio" wooden boy, brought to life to brighten up a lonely old carpenter, is being evil and loving to adjust a bad joke. The Director, apparently, the act itself Grimly.Then Del Toro has mentioned that he wants to shoot and own feature-length puppet film. "The idea came to me on the Playground "Hellboy 2". Early in the film there is a sequence of puppet scenes. When we calculated how much we could do to remove it live, got about 7 million. The Studio said no and I offered to do the same with dolls. Mike Mignolet (author of the comic) liked the idea, and I think this is one of the best finds in the film.I sincerely hope that a big fan of animatronics Del Toro will find in its more than tight schedule has a place for one cartoon. Well that is worthwhile. Source: Guillermo Del Toro filmed "Pinocchio"".

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