Ksenia Sobchak rescued passengers of the plane

titleAt the Moscow airport "Sheremetyevo-2" canceled Sunday only flight to new York. Passengers of "Boeing-767" suspected that the captain of the aircraft drunk.The plane, which was supposed to depart at 15.30 in new York, was removed from the flight, returning from the point of launch.We are already preparing for takeoff when the captain of the crew came out with an appeal to passengers, said eyewitnesses. - It was a very strange speech. The speech of the person who either drank hard, or very sick.According to well-known television and radio host, before flying pilot Alexander Czaplewski welcomed all through the loudspeaker. It is for the shivering voice of the people suspected that the captain of the aircraft is not in himself and refused to fly.- Of course, no one wanted to die! - our interlocutor continues. We all protested and demanded that the crew was immediately replaced.In the end, the ship with 300 passengers on Board took off, the crew was replaced, but it was officially announced that the reason for the flight cancellation was sick... one of the passengers!"Maybe the pilot has already been written off and it automatically from the commander became a passenger? - perplexed passengers, among whom were many famous Russians, including the popular presenter Ksenia Sobchak and renowned Director Alexander Revzin.SobchakExactly .. "split" the crew commander.When he began to speak English, I understood everything, said Life.ru the most famous blonde of Russia. - I am proficient in the English language, so to distinguish normal speech. He was definitely drunk, his speech was slurred. I was outraged as the rest of the passengers. Then I went into the cockpit. Oh God, there it smelled terrible. Smelled of alcohol. Explicitly or drink on Board, or got on Board drunk.If you believe Sobchak, then the events developed so. About the incident became known to the management of "Aeroflot". The drunken captain of the crew brought under the arms.- Well, that all came to light before takeoff, say passengers. God only knows what I could drunken pilot to throw in the air. Ksenia really saved us all.In 18.49 liner still left in the USA...AeroflotSince 1953 the aircraft "Aeroflot" there was a total of 127 accidents and minor accidents that claimed the lives of 6895 people, including 20 random people on the earth.In March 1994, in Siberia fell under Mezhdurechensk Airbus A310 Aeroflot. Then the commander of the ship, relying on the autopilot, put on your seat of his 15-year-old son; the second pilot at this time was not in the cockpit. As a result of the applied boy efforts on the steering column, the autopilot automatically disconnected, and the plane went into an inverted spin, at first unnoticed by the crew, to withdraw from which the aircraft failed. This story became widely known in the world. After this incident, the security control in "Aeroflot" was tightened considerably, according to his management, but challenges remain.October 8, 1996 under the landing approach to the airport in the Italian city of Turin crashed Russian cargo plane an-124 "Ruslan" leased "Aeroflot" JSC "Airline "Ajax". When you approach the ship suddenly began to unfold and touched the wheels of the chassis of one of the houses on the outskirts of the village of San Francesco al Campo. Then the plane crashed in an agricultural farm located 5 km from the airport. In the fall, the liner is partially collapsed, and on its Board there was a strong fire. Five people died, 11 were injured.The latest tragedy with the aircraft "Aeroflot" happened last fall.On the outskirts of Perm crashed passenger "the Boeing-737". The airliner was EN route 821 N from Moscow to Perm.The plane took off from Sheremetyevo airport in 1:12 Moscow time. Two hours later, when landing with the aircraft lost contact and it crashed on the outskirts Perm. On Board were 82 passengers, among them 7 children. They all died. Killed 6 crew members. Source: Ksenia Sobchak rescued passengers of the plane.

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