Jankowski went to Germany for treatment

titlePeople's favorite actor Oleg Yankovsky refused treatment in a Russian hospital and intends to fly again in the small German city of Essen, where is the best cancer center in the world.64-year-old actor Oleg Yankovsky, the health of which these days the whole country is praying, is not a joke made nervous chief physicians of the capital's cancer center on Kashirke.The disease"That Munchhausen", a disease which was a shock and tragedy for millions of Russians, decided to fully trust the German specialists. As found "TD", Jankowski already in the middle of next week will once again be in a hospital bed in the hospital Essen.- Oleg Ivanovich's really going next week to fly to Essen - admitted the Director of theatre "Lenkom" mark Zaharov. - He will fly the wife and the friend who had accompanied him to Germany.Recall that the actor stayed for almost three weeks. On a trip to Germany Jankowski had high hopes. Friends have argued that the Germans are using ultra-modern methods of treatment of oncological diseases.- The trip to Germany was necessary not so much for therapeutic effect, as much to soothe the soul, - has shared with "th" doctor of the center on Kashirke. - Once academician Mikhail Davydov spreads his hands, it is unlikely that someone will undertake to operate. Source: Jankowski again went to Germany for treatment.

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