Multiple fears the Anna Sedokova

titlePopular singer and TV presenter Anna Sedokova has repeatedly acknowledged that participation in the show of the First channel "Ice age" became a real test of strength, because she had to overcome their many fears."At first you're on the ice even standing is difficult, and scary to imagine that in the short term you need to learn not just to skate well, but to perform all these complex elements, support... Pure adventure! And then suddenly you catch yourself thinking that you are starting to get. And from this feeling: "I'm doing it. I can!" " duh! Feel such a huge, incomparable pleasure. Fear itself gradually disappearing, replaced by excitement: "I Want more!", - emotionally told the Days.Ru Anna.Although the project has ended, the ex-"VIA Gra" not given up figure skating. Moreover, perceptions of risk she seriously liked. To get another dose of adrenaline, Harris became interested in diving."Before I do anything like that ever in my life, and now looking forward to my next opportunity to dive into the underwater world," the singer said.Recently in the life of the artist there was one extreme hobby - snowboarding. And to master this sport one Anna did not dare and decided to append thereto his little daughter Alina."Generally, of course, alinka is still small. According to the instructor, teaching your child to snowboard better six years. But you should have seen how she begged him," smiles the singer. In the end the instructor gave in and agreed to give a lesson or two little Aline."It was very fun! Of course, there were some falls and bruises. At first it was still scary, especially so and did not work. It was hard to readjust after skiing, to which we both used. But our trainer was a true master of his craft, and now my daughter and fanatic fans of snowboarding. I already promised to give her Board when she grow up a little bit," summed up risky beauty. Source: multiple fears the Anna Sedokova.

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