Metropolitan Kirill has called for unity

titlePatriarchal Locum Tenens Metropolitan Kirill urged the authorities, business community and ordinary workers to support each other in times of economic crisis."Now peoples, spiritually led by the Russian Church faced came from the difficulties in the economic and social fields. Many people have been deprived of work, suffers material damage", - quotes "Interfax" Christmas message of Locum Tenens.According to the Metropolitan, "the Church embraces with compassion all who are suffering now". "Strengthen and admonish the Lord of all rulers, businessmen, ordinary workers, that we through common consonant work, mutual support and finding the right solutions helped each other overcome the current difficulties and come out of them, saving themselves and their neighbors, to preserve peace and harmony in our societies," said Metropolitan Kirill. He congratulated all a merry Christmas and a happy new year 2009, wished that he was "kind and prosper".In addition, the Locum Tenens of the Patriarchal throne and expressed his negative attitude to the proposal to hold a number of Church reforms. Disagreement with such innovations, he explained that the reforms will destroy the tradition of the Church.Talking about reforms in the Church, in particular, the translation of the Liturgy in the modern Russian language, particularly intensified in around Church circles and the media in the period between the Moscow Patriarchate, which is currently experiencing the ROC. "If reform is destroying value, such reform called heresy. I strongly oppose any reforms," said Metropolitan Kirill.According to him, as informs RIA "Novosti", none of the 145 bishops who may be candidates for the Patriarchal throne, "have no reformist itch".The reforms that break down traditions, but the traditions remain the people's spiritual and moral values, according to Metropolitan Kirill, dangerous for the country. "And experience has shown that Russia has absorbed only such changes that do not Deplete backbone", he added.Convincing proof is the Metropolitan believes the 90-ies. "Everything that we had imposed, top-down, as a kind of intellectual project, - all this was almost taken by the people. And people accepted that corresponds to his aspirations, his values, his hopes," - said the Hierarch."I believe the strength of our Church lies in the ability to keep the faith, impeccable Christian moral paradigm, passing it on from generation to generation," concluded Locum Tenens of the Patriarchal throne. Source: Metropolitan Kirill has called for unity.

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