Died the founder of the group " Bahyt-Compote`

titleOne of the founders of the group "Bahyt-Compote", the poet Konstantin Grigoriev died yesterday of a heart attack in the 41st year of life in Moscow, told RIA Novosti musician and friend of the poet Vadim Stepantsov."Constantin died yesterday. He went to work and his heart stopped," said Stepantsov.He also added that during the day, become aware of the place of the funeral singer. The musician found it difficult to answer the question about the causes of sudden cardiac arrest.Recall that Konstantin Grigoriev, aka Konstantin Grigoriev (born in 1968 in Omsk) - poet, co-founder of the order of courtly Mannerist (together with Stepantsovym and Dobrynin).After demobilization he entered the Moscow Literary Institute named after Gorky in the poetry workshop, which was led by Yevgeniy Dolmatovsky. During his studies, met with Vadim Stepantsovym, Andrey Dobrynin, Victor, Pellagra and later with Alexander Battyman.In 1989, he and Vadim Stepantsov has created, in their expression, vandal-rock band "Bahyt-Compote", which translated from Kazakh-Russian means "Compote of happiness." The first hits were "a Girl named Bibigul", "Anarchist" and "Drunk, battered pioneer".The first album of the band "Sour", was released in 1990. Among the other hits You, "the Atomic bomb", "Accountant Ivanov" "In Rostov, near the Central market", "All girls love boys", "Gulsary", "Two athletes", "Girl and Snake". Source: Died the founder of the group "Bahyt-Compote"".

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