Anastasia Stotskaya left her husband because of his jealousy

titleSinger Anastasia Stotskaya and actor Alexei Sekirin many years spent together. A few years ago the couple, according to rumors, even secretly married. Here only talk in those days was all about more about the alleged affair of Anastasia and her producer Philip Kirkorov.Alex always remained in the shadows. Acting profession did not bring him fame, and Anastasia in the creative plan all went well: expensive music videos, touring with Kirkorov, interesting projects.Alexey Sekirin was not very happy with the favorite activity under the leadership of Philip Kirkorov and persuaded her to leave in a single voyage. However, soon Kirkorov himself almost stopped working the ward.The situation worsened scandal with leaked to newspaper photos of half-naked Stotskaya with drunk friends. Philip then finally refused to work with discredit Nastya.Alone she was only to appear on various TV projects like "Circus with stars". But the new songs or the long-awaited solo album from the artist never showed up. That all changed this year when Stotsky has radically changed the image and released the same record.Wife Nastya meanwhile could boast except that a role in the sitcom "Happy together". But participation in this rapidly gained popularity in the project did not bring Alex Sekirin much success.They say that progress in the career Stotsky not very pleasing to her husband. According to "Komsomolskaya Pravda", She could no longer tolerate manic jealousy of her husband, so decided to part with Securenym. According to some information, now lonely Anastasia lives alone in his apartment in Kolomna. Source: Anastasia Stotskaya left her husband because of his jealousy.

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