Pugachev was offended by ex-husband

titleOn Saturday near the building of the "Forum hall" was Packed - every Executive car.The hall itself was bursting at the seams - the stars of show business and politics for the first time after the Christmas holidays came out on the main winter get-together on the occasion of the 48th birthday of Boris Krasnov. The heroes of the evening were two couples - Pugacheva and Galkin, Valley and Basque."It is impossible to seat. It is not in place. Just a unique person", - crumbled compliments Larisa Dolina addressed to the hero of the occasion. She gave Boris Krasnov tracksuit, so as a designer was always in great physical shape. By the way, the Larisa Alexandrovna this evening was something to brag about - the singer, the envy of gossip, once again noticeably thinner. Polite greeting with everyone, including the waiters, the singer asked her to open her bottle of white wine.Naturally, postroynevshaya Valley could not fail to attract male attention. Moreover, the legitimate spouse of the singer next to her this evening was not observed. Caught up with the actress at the same table, Vladimir Molchanov immediately jokingly offered the lady a cigarette and handed a pack of "Belomor". "Oh! No, thank you," she laughed.Did not fail to take advantage of the situation and loving bachelor Basque. Nicholas was quick, understand what need to "feed" hungry paparazzi, and began to care for the Valley. All the evening, to the delight of the audience, kissed her hand, whispering affection and jokes in your ear, and to top it invited Larisa Alexandrovna on every slow dance, writes, "Moskovsky Komsomolets".All of this closely watched because the next table. Alla Pugacheva, emptying a Cup of coffee, glanced askance at a couple frolicking. Alla looked with Galkin at the Banquet for exactly five minutes - and by the time when some guests thought was to disperse. The reason for the delay, the singer was significant - according to rumors, she performed at the concert for Rublevsky inhabitants in Barvikha.The appearance in the hall Pugacheva could not become an excuse for journalistic crowds. Was clearly not in the spirit of the singer in a couple of minutes asked to remove the camera and drive off the press - the camera flashes blinded, and Diva never put it in her mouth tiny piece of cheese, lonely hanging from the fork. Ex-husband Eugene Boldin tried to talk to his ex wife heart to heart.However, after a dry salutation Pugachev pointedly turned away from him, and Boldin had to retire. After a few minutes of "torment", taking the arm of Maxim, almost Alla English withdrew. Even her faithful guardian is a permanent guard - not immediately Orient. While he has a bullet ran through the hall for "the mistress", she had already dived into the car.Meanwhile, the party left the Valley and Basque - together arm in arm, beaming smiles. But the bulk of the guests and did not think to leave. "Today we will walk in the morning!" - warned all Krasnov. Source: Pugachev was offended by ex-husband.

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