In Estonia, presented the order to the veteran SS

titleA veteran of the 20th SS division 87-year-old Harald Nugiseks, which is the last living Nazi Estonians Knight's Cross, was awarded the medal of Gratitude of the Estonian people".The initiators of the award are little-known public organization "Club of friends of the Estonian legionaries" and "First column", which gathered more than five thousand dollars at the manufacturer awards.The award ceremony was held in the Church of tori, RIA "Novosti". Addressing the event, representative of the "First independent" column noted that "the fighters for freedom of Estonia in the uniform of a foreign country under his command remained loyal to the Estonian people and fought for Estonia".Veteran SS has no state awards, although his name is often placed on a waiting list applicants of awards, so it decided to award the initiative group of public men.During the great Patriotic war in the ranks of the Nazi army fought about 80 thousand Estonians, three thousand volunteers participated in the battles against Soviet troops in the ranks of the Finnish army. More than 30 thousand Estonians fought the Nazis as part of the Estonian rifle corps of the red Army.Veterans of the Estonian 20th SS division in July of the current year even held in Estonia traditional gathering of fascism. The event was attended by approximately 200 people, among whom were also veterans of the SS from Norway and Denmark.The Russian foreign Ministry has repeatedly expressed indignation at the gatherings of veterans of the 20th Estonian SS division in Estonia. In the opinion of the Russian side, support such actions - pandering attempts to promote Nazism, and similar neo-fascist manifestations unacceptable in a member country of the European Union. Source: Estonia presented the order to the veteran SS.

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