The Communists celebrated the funeral of Stalin

titleExactly 56 years ago died Joseph Stalin. To honor his memory and to lay a wreath at the Kremlin wall on Thursday afternoon came the delegation of Communists.Their leader Gennady Zyuganov said that Stalin was the greatest Soviet figure who deserves a very special relationship. "All mankind is celebrating the historical memory and the contributions of Stalin. The policy of Stalin and Lenin was extremely correct. The planet today needs a new Stalin, the new Lenin" - said Zyuganov. However, he acknowledged that in the activities of Stalin and were negative.Meanwhile, according to a study by the all-Russian center for public opinion research, opinion polls show that in recent years the Russians increasingly relaxed attitude toward Stalin and the days of his reign. However, according to "Echo of Moscow", according to historian and writer Roy Medvedev, even today, Stalin remains for Russia the figure of enormous historical significance.On Thursday, however, some political forces had once again made for the reburial of the body of Stalin. In particular, this initiative was made by a member of the Federal political Council of party "the just cause" Boris Nadezhdin. "I think that by Christian standards, in human terms would be appropriate to bury Stalin in the place whence he came, namely, in the Georgian city of Gori," said Nadezhdin. Sopredsedatel party "just cause" Leonid Gozman, in turn, explained why Stalin was so terrible, in his opinion, the person who enjoys such popularity among Russians. "I think that faith in him is faith in a certain way, a certain idea of order, Supreme justice. People who believe in him, just do not really understand what they want," said Gozman.Previously, notes "Interfax", human rights activists called upon to decide the question of the burial of Lenin, Stalin and reburial of other authors of political repressions in the USSR. "What in the center of the country should not solemn people to rest on the conscience of which thousands, millions of lives - in this I am convinced. After all, there is not only Lenin, but Stalin is the man for many years systematically destroying their fellow citizens. And not only their own", - said the head of the Russian society "memorial" Arseny Roginsky. Source: the Communists celebrated the funeral of Stalin.

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