Baskov insulted, spit in the face

titleA new production of the Opera "Pagliacci" in which Nikolay Baskov singing the role of Canio, amazed the audience with naturalism of certain episodes. "Golden voice of Russia" appeared on the Opera stage for the first time in three years and already during the premiere show shocked the audience.On 5 December at the Mikhailovsky theatre of St. Petersburg premiere of the Opera "Pagliacci", which to this day could only see a Western audience.The libretto tells of a love twists and turns in the wandering troupe of mimes. Canio, the head of the troupe and Clown on stage (Basque) is hopelessly in love with a young actress Nedda - Colombina (Anna Nechaeva). But Nedda loves another, resulting in the hero Baskov kills inaccessible beauty plunges a knife into her heart.Culmination of the production was the scene of the quarrel of the main characters. Nicholas admitted that he asked his partner to spit on him to make the episode more emotional. However, the audience, watching the action, gasped in astonishment.- I asked Anna to spit in my face, " said the artist after the performance. - I needed a drive. But this was a masochistic experience this game in mistress and slave. On stage I this woman stabbed, but in real life I would be divorced! Source: Baskov insulted, spit in the face.

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