Galkin became the hostage crisis

titleMaxim Galkin, who could always boast that he has a headache over the proceeds from his concerts, knowingly sold, has become a hostage of the financial crisis.If the comedian received a fixed fee for each performance, he is now working on "cashier".A few months ago was quite possible to imagine a situation: to laugh "Galkin" it's only 15 people (though such cases have not been), and would be paid show as if the room was full.IncomeNow math has changed. How much will tickets sold - so much money and get a showman. While the reasons for concern max no: this is only a preventative, though financial measures internally. But, realistically looking at a difficult economic situation in the country, Maxim knows that perhaps in a short time is really a designer will have to tighten the belt.- I understand that there may come a time when it will be not so hard, but I do not complain, just time dictates the rules, " said Galkin "TD".As it became known, despite the fact that many colleagues are intimidated by Maxim crisis and possible loss of purse, his concert activity has successfully planned for the year ahead. Source: Galkin became the hostage crisis.

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