Nicole Kidman will play the artist-transsexual

titleFamous Australian actress Nicole Kidman will play the main role in the new film by Anand Tucker's "Girl from Denmark". Film diva will play the artist-transsexual Einar Wegener who, in 1931, the world's first underwent a sex-change operation.Wife of the hero will perform another Hollywood star Charlize Theron.The plot of biographical paintings is the eponymous bestseller by David Ebershoff, released in 2001. Screenwriter Lucinda Coxon. One of the producers will take the female lead Nicole Kidman .Artist Einar Wegener was born in Denmark in 1882. His future wife Gerda Gottlieb he met at the art Academy in Copenhagen. In 1904 they were married. It is unknown how some future events Wegener, if I had not once had to replace an ailing Nudes of his wife, who was an artist too. Einar dressed in a dress, wearing stockings, high-heeled shoes and it was then realized that there must be a woman.In 1912 the couple moved to Paris, where Einar Wegener completely change your wardrobe for the female and assumes the name Lili Elbe. Gerda continues to write "female" portraits of husband, representing Wegener as his sister.In 1930, Einar-Lily is on experimental sex change operation and went to Germany. Medical examination showed that the body of Wegener's too much female hormones. The artist was allowed to make a series of operations, after which the Danish authorities have recognized the marriage invalid.This case was a newspaper sensation of its time; the Elbe was even given a new passport. However, after several operations, after which Lily would have to be a real woman, that is able to have children, she started having complications. She died in 1931. Although for a long time it was rumored that Lily faked his death to enjoy life in a new guise.Recall that both Actresses, Kidman and Theron have been awarded awards "Oscar" for the role of a lesbian: Nicole - for the role of the writer Virginia Woolf in the film "the Hours", and Theron - serial killer Aileen Wuornos in the drama "Monster." Source: Nicole Kidman will play the artist-transsexual.

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