Nicolas Sarkozy unnerving doll-voodoo

titleFrench President Nicolas Sarkozy over the highest Court of Paris requires to withdraw from the sale textbook of Voodoo, to which is attached the figure with his image and a set of needles.The lawyer Sarkozy declares that the President is not allowed to use their images for such purposes.The religion of Voodoo doll, used in witchcraft, it is possible to influence the person she portrays. The rite with these figures is generally used to harm humans.In France, however thanks to a new tutorial with a doll Nicolas Sarkozy now everyone can practice Voodoo. Textbook publishers K&B went on sale recently, but it may soon disappear from the shelves. The reason for this is not only the demand for the publication, but the President's demands to remove books from stores, reports "Echo of Moscow".As told Sarkozy's lawyer Thierry Herzog, the President has exclusive and absolute rights over her image. "Nicolas Sarkozy has instructed me to warn you that, regardless of their status and fame, he has absolute and exclusive right to use own image", - was stated in the letter from the lawyer to the publisher.I must say that K&B has released Voodoo dolls in two versions - "for boys" and "girls". One toy depicts Sarkozy, the other his rival in the presidential campaign of 2007, the socialist sГ©golГЁne Royal. Each doll is attached with 12 needles and a tutorial that explains how to use unusual objects, reports RIA "Novosti".Meanwhile pinholes are offered in different parts of the 20-centimeter body "Nicolas Sarkozy", written famous quotes of the prototype dolls, for example: "get Off me, you pathetic fool", "Who works and earns more," and others.To buy the doll in French bookstores and via the Internet from October 9 to price 12,95 EUR. In this case the total circulation of 20 thousand copies. Source: Nicolas Sarkozy unnerving doll-voodoo.

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