Jacob black in `new moon` will play another actor

titleIn the second part of the film about the love of vampire new Moon hero Robert Pattinson departs on the second plan, and at first comes character Jacob black, a friend of Bella's.As stated by Studio Summit Entertainment, and they don't want to take on this role, Taylor Lautner, cute little baby-faced actor who played in the first part.Meanwhile, the agent of the actor does not give up and with the help of imaging company, which participated in the project "the curious case of Benjamin Button", where they aged brad pitt, Summit is trying to prove that using digital technologies Taylor can be changed. But the Studio refuses to accept the final decision, don't approve of the film.In addition to this the Studio has and still wish there was more. The budget of the movie is growing every day, because the second part will have to be removed in Italy and have somewhere to save money, to say nothing of special technologies. So if Chris Weitz will dare to sit behind the Director's chair, it not to avoid headaches. Source: Jacob black in "new moon" will play another actor.

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