The US is preparing for the death of Kim Jong Il

titleThe health of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il's worse than believed by authorities in the United States of America, which is already preparing for his death. This is stated in the information to American intelligence.The Ministry of foreign Affairs of the USA stated that it did not possess any information concerning the health of Kim Jong-Il, and refuse to comment on the news, reports "Interfax".Meanwhile, two days ago, the North Korean news Agency reported that the DPRK leader Kim Jong Il, the rumors about the disease and even the death of people in the media in recent months, visited the Central zoo in Pyongyang. According to reports KCNA official news Agency of the DPRK, Kim Jong Il visited the pavilions with tigers, bears, and the local aquarium. In the photo, common KCNA, the North Korean leader, clad in a winter jacket, thick gloves and sunglasses, standing next to the pond, pointing at something with his right hand. Behind him depicts a group of assistants. However, information about when the North Korean leader visited the zoo, not reported.As noted by RIA "Novosti", the day before reports of the visit to the zoo in the media of the DPRK have new images of Kim Jong-Il, which depicted a smiling North Korean leader during his inspection of the armed forces. Date and place of shooting is also not disclosed. Sunday night about the appearance of Kim Jong Il KCNA reported, and later images of DPRK leader passed and South Korean media. According to KCNA, Kim Jong Il praised troops for their diligence and asked to remain disciplined in the face of the enemy "aggression".We will remind, after the South Korean Agency Yonhap that on August 14 this year Kim Jong-Il had a stroke that caused partial paralysis and dysfunction of speech, in the world media rumor about the illness or death of North Korean leader. Speculation about a serious condition 66-year-old Kim Jong-Il has intensified after he showed up at a military parade on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the DPRK in Pyongyang on September 9. After that, North Korean media published photos of Kim Jong-Il at various public events. However, according to some experts, the pictures were taken a few months before the release of information about the illness of the leader of North Korea. Source: U.S. preparing for the death of Kim Jong Il.

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