YouTube generates the first network Symphony orchestra

titleIt is assumed that the orchestra consists of young musicians, students and unrecognized geniuses. However, the real chance to get only the professionals.The YouTube by the end of January will form a Symphony orchestra. "To take part in this project is very simple" convince the heroes commercials: funny yet this guy with a violin, a middle-aged cellist, charming violinist Vanessa Mae.The idea of the project is to unite the orchestra and give the opportunity to show their talent to those who have not yet achieved great career success. Here devotees and music lovers, beginners and students of music schools, and unrecognized geniuses. The latter, according to the project Manager, tan Dun, especially a lot: "For the same YouTube is hiding such a number of unseen Bethovens, exclaimed in a commercial. - All these madmen who break chairs, banging the drums, play the piano!".

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