Michael Jackson returns to the stage

titleFamous American singer Michael Jackson is back on the scene, wrote on Saturday by the British newspaper Daily Star.The publication became known that the pop star is planning a world tour. The newspaper's sources said that Jackson intends to arrange the concerts in London and in the USA, Europe and far Eastern countries.The singer, who turned 50 years, a long time did not appear in public lately and worked on his new album. The day before the face of Jackson saw in Los Angeles. Earlier, the singer often it was hidden under the mask due to problems after undergoing multiple surgeries. Eyewitnesses claim that now it looks more like a 20-year-old Caucasian than African American middle-aged.The singer, used huge popularity all over the world, must return to the stage after a number of high-profile litigation on charges of child abuse. The charges against Jackson were dropped in 2005, but his financial condition was in decline. The debts of the singer reached 100 million pounds, and he was even forced to sell his famous ranch in California, the newspaper notes.Michael Jackson was one of the most commercially successful solo artists in music history and was proclaimed "king of pop" and his album "Thriller" is listed in the Guinness Book of records as the biggest selling disc of all times and peoples. Source: Michael Jackson returns to the stage.

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