Vitas took Tom cruise fee

titleDespite the fact that in the calendar of China and Japan have a day dedicated to Tom cruise, representatives of Asian cinema decided not to invite Hollywood actor for the role in the next blockbuster.Local producers offered the Russian singer Vitas to star in the film, intriguing a fee, which usually gets famous Hollywood actor.Producer Vitas Sergey Pudovkin, knowing that the chief of the arts is the cinema, signed the contract on participation of the ward in a large-scale film project, MULAN, the shooting of which will be held in April-September 2009 in China. Vitas will play a major role and will rebuild the ancient way of the warrior - Prince who cruelly takes revenge for his murdered father.The film takes place in 410-425 years BC, and filled with grandiose scenes of massive battles, challenging stunts to be performed by the actor, martial artist and a beautiful love story between the hero Vitas and Princess.Historical character, whose role it will play Vitas, is a real warrior, mentioned in the annals, not only as a fearless warrior who defeated the usurper, but also a very good dancer with an amazing voice that has replaced the offensive battle drums. By the way, for Vitas experience of reincarnation in colorful Oriental figure will not be the first: back in 2002 in the video for the song "Blessed Guru", he played the role of elder-predictor. The fee, which demanded that Sergey Pudovkin for Vitas, no less than the latest Tom cruise."I will not give the amount of the fee, but it is comparable to the fee list stars Tom cruise, - brags producer Vitas. And it is quite adequate to the situation, as in Japan and China Vitas is far more popular, more interesting and cooler than Tom cruise. So I won't say that much. The premiere of this film will be held in USA, Europe and Russia." Source: Vitas took Tom cruise fee.

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