The tractor ran over 15-year-old snowboarder

titleTractor, ukladyvai track in the snowboard Park "mountain" of Novosibirsk, ran over 15-year-old snowboarder, she was hospitalized with fractures of the shoulder and both legs, said on Wednesday the press service GUVD Novosibirsk region."Last night on the territory of the snowboard Park "mountain" there was an accident. It worked the tractor PistenBully Bully, ukladyvai track, and on the top of the climb, hit a 15-year-old snowboarder", - stated in the message.According to the press service, the girl was admitted to the hospital in a state of traumatic shock: she had broken both legs and shoulder. The investigation is being conducted.At the end of December in a newly built town of snow Karasuk district of the Novosibirsk region under the wheels of KAMAZ got a boy of seven, riding a roller coaster. The child died on the spot. Source: Tractor ran over a 15-year old snowboarder.

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