The friendship of Moses and Lolita over the scandal

titleLong-term friendship of Boris Moiseev and Lolita the Site seems to have ended with grandiose scandal.IBA did not come on the anniversary of his "brother", as she had always called Moses.A couple of weeks ago nobody could even imagine that Boris and Lola will become enemies. But everything suddenly turned upside down.- I'm going to conquer the audience for his show no trips into the Golden bowls, as some of the singer, and soul, " said Moiseev at a press conference before the jubilee concert.Sudden attack was clearly towards Lolita. The reaction of the singer was immediate - she ignored a concert Moses in the Kremlin, dedicated to the 55th anniversary of Boris Mikhailovich.So eternal, it seemed that the friendship of the two outstanding personalities ended suddenly due to... the toilet.DisorderEveryone knows that in their speeches Palladium likes to surprise the audience, to shock, which repeatedly used the unusual scenery. The toilet really was the place to be on her anniversary show. Replica of Moses about the unfortunate attribute of bathrooms insulted lolita is not a joke.Recall that the IBA for many years was the closest friend. Boris trusted "woman without complexes" all the secrets - both personal relationships and career plan. Exactly IBA initiated a co-lead of the controversial program "Without complexes" on the First channel.Hero of the dayBoris Moiseev was preparing for this concert with great trepidation.Showman pre-planned trip to Israel that best cosmetic clinics to make just two procedures. Boris made his liposuction and plastic surgery on his face to get rid of burns.- I specially for this concert got rid of the excess weight from the sides and belly, - has shared with "Z" Boris Mikhailovich.In honor of this momentous event in the life of Moses all the expenses for the Banquet decided to take on one of the big businessmen of the country. The artists decided that it would be formally congratulate Bob on his birthday, and it will happen on March 4.Today I gave myself, " admitted Christina Orbakaite. - And all the real gifts we give away a month later.To congratulate a close friend, came and Verka Serduchka. Although Andrey Danilko just returned from a tour of Miami, he found the strength to keep the company at the Banquet.Himself Boris did not miss the opportunity to officially announce their new relationship with the best dancer of ballet.And I now give the floor to one of the leading dancers of my show "Prime ballet". It is Dmitry, this is my man, " said Boris. Source: the Friendship of Moses and Lolita over the scandal.

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