DNA analysis has put the point in Fossett

titleConfirmed the death of Steve Fossett. This is the conclusion of forensic experts who examined the bone fragments found at the crash site Aviator-record holder.The DNA examination confirmed that the remains discovered in the USA in Eastern California, belong to the missing year ago, a famous traveler and millionaire.How to specify "Lead.", last week, the search team about a kilometer from the place of the crash is known millionaire-traveler in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada was found by his driver's license and credit cards. Also found were two large fragments of bone tissue and sports shoes.According to the Madera County Sheriff John Anderson, the rights issued in the state of Illinois, as well as on the credit cards and shoes had bite marks. Anderson noted that, apparently, wild animals dragged the body Fossett after the crash of his plane from the scene of the tragedy.The bone fragments were sent to the laboratory for examination. As noted in the statement of the Madera County coroner laboratory of the California Department of forensic Sciences, the analysis of the samples was determined that the discovered last week the items contained DNA corresponding to the DNA of James Stephen Fossett".Steve Fossett went missing September 3, 2007, taking off in a single-engine plane "Bellanca" from a private airstrip on a ranch in Nevada. After a while his car was gone from screens of a radar, reminds RIA "Novosti". In search of a millionaire, the state government spent about 600 thousand dollars. In the active phase of the search was attended by 650 people and 20 aircraft.In February 2008, the court of Chicago has officially recognized the fact of death Fossett at the request of his wife Peggy, who could not enter into the rights of inheritance of the condition of her husband, is estimated at tens of millions of dollars.In the world Fossett became known after crossed by swimming the English channel - he succeeded on the fourth attempt. Then there were single multi-day ski tours, ring auto racing in the U.S., as well as the rally in Africa. It is the first time in history made a single non-stop round the world flight in a balloon. Attempts to fly around the world alone in a balloon Fossett had taken six times, while in 2002, without success. Source: DNA Analysis set point in the Fossett case.

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