Between `Shiny` scandal

titleThe relationship between the members of the band "Shiny" has always been engulfed with the subject "female friendship".During the existence of the project of the singer argued and reconciled countless times, but such a scandal that erupted recently on the "brilliant" battlefield, the reassured on the occasion of the crisis show business does not remember for a long time.As it became known "Z", the upcoming wedding of Jeanne Friske has become a bone of contention between the beautiful bride and her once-girlfriend Anna Semenovich. Busty colleagues did not appear on the list of invitees to the celebration, which will take place in February, presumably in Italy. Colleagues shrug: why friendly before Friske does not want to see a former colleague in the number of friends on the special day of her life?- No, my wedding was not invited - briefly shared with "Z" Anna Semenovich.According to the artists of the current membership, "Brilliant", a black cat between Frisco and S. ran many months ago: girls will not divide spheres of influence. One is a successful pop diva, the second is unwilling to keep and also makes a successful attempt to reach not only the skating rink, but also the charts.- Joan not all invited to the wedding and never shares some details with the elected, so her character, say colleagues Friske on the project "Ice age". But the girls from "the Shining", from old, she called.Before the solemn day, when Zhanna Friske will go down the aisle with a figure skater Vitali, there are not more than two months, so the "passwords and turnout," the future wife of athlete gives friends now.- Of course, I was invited, - has shared with "Z" longtime producer of "Brilliant" Andrey Shlykov. Source: Between the "Shiny" scandal.

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