Marat Basharov left his wife to Navka

titleRoman Marat Basharova and Tatiana grooves, which have long ceased to be a mystery, did destroy the family life of the actor.In his romantic relationship with skinny beautiful wife Elizabeth point bold.A four year old daughter Marat stays with the mother, and the inspired Navka is still the lawful wife of the famous coach Alexander Zhulin.GapAfter two years of agonizing silence wife Marat Basharova Lisa admitted that she divorced her husband and child she left.- We parted with Marat forever, " says Lisa. - He is now permanently with navcol. They work, which grew into personal life.It is very difficult to describe what now feels Lisa. Fragile blonde who lived with Basharov many years, bore him a hell of a charming daughter Amelie and lived with him all his UPS and downs. Lisa was next and when Marat had no money, being an aspiring actor, and when he became one of the most popular stars in the country.- Of course, it hurts me, with sadness in his voice recognized the ex-wife of actor. But nothing can be done, it happened. We figured it out and decided just to leave and not to torment each other.NovelTwo years ago, at the time of the historical Dating of Marat and Tatiana, few could have guessed that the Joker Basharov addicted skater so that leaves the family. "'s throw" - with a grin betting colleagues on the project "Stars on ice", where he met future lovers. However, as time went on, in the name of the project appeared supplements: "Part the second", "third Season" and the resulting passion ice partners and never thought to melt. "Sailor" gradually turned into the captain of the ship, and he skillfully steered the life of the beauty of the skill sets that these feelings, it seems, did not dare to resist even her official husband Aleksandr Zhulin.Experienced actor, Marat effortlessly hid a new love from the public. Fortunately the cover was easy: hour workout at the rink.Tatiana is a wonderful person and a wonderful friend, " day by day repeated actor. - I am happy that my partner was Tanya. She is understanding, kind, strong, cheerful, smart and very strict.Today, however, about the rigors of looking at this pair, I think in the last turn. Navka, not corrupt the master's attitude towards him, looks at Marat with such tenderness and devotion that the forehead Ticker says: "Get me to the North pole". He takes away: all touring together, relax in the holidays. As it became known "Z", the new year's holiday Marat and Tanya together. Source: Marat Basharov left his wife to Navka.

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