Emma Watson ashamed of their sexuality

titleEmma Watson told the British newspaper Mail on Sunday that he is not going to do anything specifically to get rid of the image of Hermione Granger."I'm not going to deliberately do something different, or something to shock people," admitted the 18-year-old Emma. - Maybe I'd undress for the film Bernardo Bertolucci - if it was really important for my character. BUT I wouldn't undress just for the sake of being different at Hermione"."I was terribly confused by this whole concept of "sexuality". If I do a photo shoot - for some reason people desperately want to change me to dye my hair blond, draw eyebrows, to make a Bang feathers. And I don't like to wear revealing clothes to take pictures. I don't think it's sexy. What may be sexy in the way, "I stand here with Boobs out and a short skirt - see what I have under it"? My idea of sexuality - the less the better. The less passively - those people more interesting". Source: Emma Watson ashamed of their sexuality.

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