Geri Halliwell and her friend got busted for intimate caresses

titleThe singer is resting on a beautiful island with her boyfriend-Italian Fabrizio Politi, who entertains the most beloved gentle ways, do not hesitate...The former lead singer of the Spice Girls don't do the big breaks in my personal life.No sooner had she to part with one boyfriend, immediately started Dating another.In early December, Jerry appeared in public with nightclub owner Nick House, and at the end of the month she was noticed in the society of the Italian millionaire Fabrizio Politi.It turned out that "peppercorn" decided to break up with Nick. He has enriched the collection of her exes, including singer Robbie Williams and the famous British comedian David Walliams."With the Policy they have everything seriously," says an informed source. - Fabrizio and Jerry fell in love with each other. She can't still believe how quickly it happened. Politi gets along well with Jerry's daughter, the lovers met together Christmas and New year.".

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