`Miss world` told about his personal life

titleThe winner of the contest "Miss world 2008" Ksenia Suhinova smart, beautiful and purposeful. All these qualities will undoubtedly help the girl over and over again to win beauty contests.Last year she won the title "Miss Russia", this year, took the crown at the prestigious contest "Miss world".Paradoxically, conquered the world with clever and beautiful Xenia still managed to find their soul mate. About their personal secrets, future plans and ways to win the new "Miss world" told in his first in his new status interview."I have now a young man," sighed Belle. - Not enough time for personal life. One contest or the other..." Ksenia is not disingenuous. According to "Komsomolskaya Pravda", in the past Suhinova has won the titles of "Vice-miss Naftogaz" at the University, and then "Miss Image-2005". Two years later was winning the "Miss Russia" and now on "Miss world".By the way, on the day of the competition in Johannesburg, the girl was supposed to defend the exchange rate. Literally this year Ksenia have to finish the Tyumen University. But the student now has no time to study."I have the crown of "Miss Russia" the other girl is not passed, " added Belle. - Now here's "Miss world" - a whole year under the contract will have to travel around the world. But we'll see. I even over its subject until thought. There was no time. Hope, of course, the graduate Institute, but not sure how it is now I can do it".However, at the University Xenia proud of and willing to wait and make up for her personal training schedule. By the way, at the time it is because our study is so far the only "Miss universe" Oksana Fedorova has renounced his title. Now Oksana congratulates Russian "Miss world" and wishes her courage."I congratulate Her with all my heart! Though the contest itself, I have not seen, you can imagine that the struggle was not easy. Xenia repeated the feat Yulia Kurochkina, become "Miss world" in 1992. Well done! What can I wish? Probably courage! - upon reflection, said Oksana. Because this crown - and a big win, and a great challenge at the same time. The test of fame, the vanity, the pride". Source: "Miss world" spoke about his personal life.

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