Brad pitt will have baseball

titleSteven Soderbergh decided to shoot a picture on a sports theme with brad pitt in the lead role.Director is in talks with the Studio Columbia Pictures on the theme setting of the movie "Moneyball" based on the book by Michael Lewis Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game. In the end, Billy Beane, the Manager of the baseball team Oakland Athletics. To assemble the perfect team, Bin resorted to special analytical computer programs: chose players based not on common for baseball characteristics, and statistical data. As a result, his team managed to achieve the highest results at relatively low cost. For example, in 2002 the Oakland Athletics won 103 games American League with a season total of 41 million dollars, while the new York Yankees won all those 103 games, spent 126 million.Brad pitt was chosen by the project based on the book by Lewis last year. The actor showed interest when it became known about appointment screenwriter Stephen Salana. In his asset Oscar for "Schindler's List" and nomination for "Gangs of new York" and "Awakening". For the post of Director was invited by David Frankel, who directed the recently melodrama "Marley and me".But Frankel lost interest in the film adaptation, news about the project soon came to naught. And here is the way it turned out that Steven Soderbergh has long wanted to make a film about sports. In addition, the Director has inspired the idea again to work with pitt, which he shot in all the "ocean's". So Soderbergh seriously considering Moneyball as my next project. Source: Brad pitt will have baseball.

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