Irina Toneva conquered men your bust

titleThe presentation of a new album of group "the City 312" Irina Toneva came in such a revealing outfit that all men standing nearby were deservedly at her feet.However, this time the singer didn't need compliments from the side, because he arrived with his samovar - the soloist of group "Band-Eros Igor.Despite the fact she was severely late for the event (artist went to a different concert), the young man refused to come alone. The knight waited for as long as Coneway need. By the way, Igor - the first man, a romantic connection with which the Ira has no intention to hide.- We're good together, and most importantly, - said Igor.Satisfied with each other and party atmosphere of the dove went to eat Kyrgyz national dishes that were popular among the "City 312". Source: Irina Toneva conquered men your bust.

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