Malakhov and Kovalchuk have selected the best bartender Russia

titleDecember 4, Zhenya Malakhova (group Reflex) and Julia Kovalchuk took part in the tasting jury of the Russian finals of one of the most prestigious international competitions bartenders Finlandia Vodka Cup 2009. The event was held in the restaurant of the Blackberry.According to the rules, the cocktails are passed through a binary system of evaluation and professional tasting jury. Professionals - representatives of the Bartenders Association of Russia and the Finlandia Vodka brand - estimated adherence to classical rules of preparation of cocktails, the appearance of the contestants etc.And Zhenya Malakhova and Julia Kovalchuk, included in the tasting jury evaluated the taste, color, aroma, and appearance of cocktails - and put the points for each of these parameters. According to the rules of the contest, the participants of the tasting jury didn't have to see the process of preparation of drinks and their authors. So Eugene and Julia were exposed points each bartenders ' masterpiece, based solely on their sensory preferences. Performances bartenders lasted 1.5 hours, but the stars all the while diligently put the marks in compliance with strict judging rules, developed over the 11-year history of the championship.Comment Zhenya Malakhova: "I'm generally not fond of alcoholic beverages. Can only skip one or two drinks with friends, and even then infrequently. But today I had to "take" much more than usual, so I invented my own method, how not to get drunk, because it is good alcohol can be distinguished by the smell".Comment by Yulia Kovalchuk: "In everyday life I don't drink, but the cocktails were light - it was interesting to participate in the judging and drinks from the best bartenders of Russia! Moreover, before I had to participate only as members of the jury costs associated with the dance and vocal arts. Perhaps it is the fact that I don't drink, allowed me to keep a fresh look at grading.".

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