Kirkorov insulted hypnotherapy trick

titleIn the Moscow party only and conversations that about Kirkorov, who are in favor to his former wife Alla Pugacheva. It happened after the show to "1 1" of the musical "little Red riding hood" with Kirkorov in the role of grandmother.Hat, fur, glasses, manners - well, very reminiscent of the acclaimed hypnotherapy clip of the late 90s - "Small by little", where Alla playfully misbehaved together with Garik Sukachev. Only this musical was released in Ukrainian "teleprot", the singer immediately called Kievan friends and resented the trick Kirkorov.Initially to "1 1" role on the now scandalous grandmother's producers planned to invite the Diva. What Alla only ironic retorted: "What is a grandmother? Here granddaughter could play!" The vacant role is considered by Roman Viktyuk, Verka Serduchka, but not fused. But the proposal quickly responded to a man who played a great role a few years ago, hell in the Ukrainian musical "Evenings on a farm near Dikanka"."Though I am no longer young, and moved many people think, on the benches in the courtyards do not hang up, I'm the grandmother-space, advanced!.. Soon my birthday, I'll call friends! Will we walk all night long... I'm in the shower young, but years take their toll. Corvalol, validol, old age is not a joke!" - sang the old Kirkorov written by singer Potap words.Rumor has it that now people are Divas know who advised Bedrosovich parodied the singer and even for this came to Kiev, a Ukrainian newspaper "Today".Alas, the producer of the film Seeds Horova now not in Ukraine, so to hear his version of how he was born the way grandma, it is not yet possible. We spoke with stylist Angela Fox, who sewed the costumes for the musical, including, for Kirkorov. "No Parallels with Pugacheva we have not performed," says Angela. I just suggested the image of a hippie in connection with the General plot of the musical. But Philip immediately agreed. On this basis was chosen and fabric, and color, I made a hat. Philip brought boots and jewelry too, were him.".

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