McCartney will release a secret song

titleA member of the legendary Beatles sir Paul McCartney said Sunday that he intends to release a 14-minute experimental recording group called "Carnival of light".The composition is performed publicly only once - at the festival of electronic music in London. Later legendary four found it "too risky", reports the BBC.The song was recorded on 5 January 1967 in the recording Studio Рђbbey Road while working on the song Penny Lane. A kind of musical experiment represents a series of discordant guitar and organ chords, pounding drums, whistles, sounds produced when gargling, and cries of "Barcelona!" and "are You okay?" performed by McCartney and John Lennon.According to McCartney during the recording of this work in the recording Studio Abbey Road he asked his companions to behave completely relaxed, to play and shout the first thing that comes to mind without thinking about the meaning of the improvisation and the observance of any rules.Paul McCartney believes that the time for publication of this record has come, and the public would be interested in a free improvisation of The legendary The Beatles. He is convinced that when "Carnival of light" will be released, the public will be convinced: "the fab four" was much more avant-garde and "advanced" than believed until now.A member of the famous team also made sure that all the other musicians Beatles gave their consent for the release of this CD. Source: McCartney will release a secret song.

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